“The Coronavirus in Liverpool”: Stefan Price – Show Notes

  • Name: Adam Stoker
  • Position: Co-founder and CEO of Relic Agency
  • Favorite Destination: Fiji
  • Dream Destination: New Zealand
  • Name: Stefan Price
  • Position: Digital Marketing Executive at Marketing Liverpool
  • Favorite Destination: America
  • Dream Destination: Toronto, Canada

“The Coronavirus in Liverpool” – Show Notes and Highlights


About Stefan Price

  •  Stefan is a surprise in the tourism industry, as he is only 21 years old. He started in his current position over two and a half years ago. 
  • Instead of going to college after high school, Stefan decided to get an apprenticeship at a digital marketing agency in Liverpool. 
  • After his apprenticeship, Stefan was searching for a job when he found a position with Marketing Liverpool. Reading the description made something click for him and he knew he wanted to work there. 

About Liverpool

  • Liverpool is about two hours north of London. It is known for being the home of the Beatles.
  • The Liverpool city region sees about 64 million visitors a year and the number of visitors is growing each year.
  • Everything in Liverpool is within a walkable distance, making it a very eco-friendly location. It’s an “everything on your doorstep” kind of location.
  • Liverpool has a waterfront where cruise liners can park ships. As soon as people step off the ship, they are right into the middle of the action.

Liverpool and Coronavirus

  • The first moment the Coronavirus was put on Stefan’s radar was on the 28th of January when Visit Britain sent out a minimal email about the possibility of the UK being affected by COVID-19.
  • Liverpool was lucky, in that they started preparing for the potential shut down before it happened. They followed the government and Visit Britain’s updates to stay on top of what was happening.
  • While it’s impossible to be 100% ready for crises, Stefan and his team felt that their preparation was invaluable to start the conversation with their audience and be ready to weather the storm. 
  • While preparing for how to handle the virus, Stefan and his team brainstormed together how they could utilize various software, like Typeform, to benefit them.
    • While they knew they couldn’t ask people to come and visit, they used messaging to inspire future travel and planning.
  • Visit Liverpool was lucky to be between campaigns as the restrictions following COVID-19 began. It made preparing for the shutdown and the recovery plan simpler. 

Plan for Recovery

  • While the exact time of when they will be able to implement their recovery plan is unknown, Marketing Liverpool is focused currently on helping businesses survive and find the support they need. 
    • They are keeping businesses updated and informed, reminding them they are all in the crisis together.
    • Connect businesses to government support for loans, grants and other available resources.
  • The focus is on what the DMO can do today, tomorrow, and next week to make sure they are still champions to their partners. 
  • Recovery requires more than one person at the top of an organization. Different businesses in different sectors are going to have different needs that all must be considered. 
  • Start preparing now. Have conversations and get feedback from your businesses, partners, and locals. 
  • Marketing Liverpool has a website for partners with the latest information about the virus, grants, webinars, and other important information. 
  • Prior to COVID-19, they had found a good balance sending email communications to their partners bi-monthly, but have since increased frequency to every week to keep up with the constant barrage of information without spamming them too often. 

Staying connected and reassuring your partners and businesses in your DMO-sphere is key. Everyone is fighting the same battle right now and engaging, being personable, and approachable makes it easier to stay connected and support each other. 

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