Episode 76

How Ventura, California was Prepared for COVID-19Cheryl Bagby and Marlyss Auster

About Our Guest

Cheryl Bagby and Marlyss Auster

In this bonus episode of the Destination Marketing Podcast, Cheryl Bagby and Marlyss Auster from Visit Ventura California join us to talk about how they were uniquely prepared when the coronavirus pandemic caused the tourism industry to shut down in early March. Listen and learn about how the Thomas Fire in December of 2017, helped them refine their crisis communications plan and prepare for future crises such as the pandemic that we face today.

"I think another key component through all of this is being willing to adapt and change. Even as a marketer, to focus so inward on residents is not something I'm used to, but it's the right thing to do. I think it's just being adaptable and knowing what can we do to help our community." -Cheryl Bagby

"We really feel united and in order for our community to be united, we as leaders in the community have to be that way. I think that we're leading by example more so in this crisis than we did the last one, but both are very important." -Marlyss Auster