Episode 135

Another Huge Milestone

Episode Description

In this bonus episode of the Destination Marketing Podcast, Adam looks back on how the show has grown over the past two years. Listen to learn how we got started, how the show helped the industry through the coronavirus pandemic, and how it continues to expand and offer new opportunities within the destination marketing industry.

Meet our Host and Guest(s)

  • Name: Adam Stoker
  • Position: Co-founder and CEO of Relic
  • Favorite Destination: Fiji
  • Dream Destination: New Zealand

Show Highlights: 

  •       Two-year anniversary of the Destination Marketing Podcast
  •       2019 was the launch of the podcast and was given 6 to 8 months to get the show going
  •       Give ideas and inspiration and suggestions to destinations throughout the world
  •       Formed partnerships:
    1.     eTourism Summit
    2.     Travel Vertical Podcast
    3.     Influencer Marketing Podcast
  •       Launched an innovative product for destinations, the Destination Marketing Podcast Network.



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Episode Transcript

Adam Stoker:           [00:00:00] Hello everyone and welcome to another unique and special episode of the Destination Marketing Podcast. We’ve reached a milestone here on the show and something I’m really proud of and something that I don’t know if I anticipated that we would ever actually do when we started this thing. Today is our two-year anniversary of the beginning of the Destination Marketing Podcast. And it’s such a unique thing for me because when we started this thing and I’m going to go back, I want to kind of go back over what made us start this. We just didn’t know what it would become. And it has become so much more and so much bigger than I think we ever thought it would become. And it’s been fun to watch this show grow over time.


[00:00:49] And so to go back a little bit, when we started the destination marketing podcast, the main issue that we were having is that we wanted to talk to destinations and let them know that we knew how to do destination marketing. But every agency says that and so we wanted to come up with a way for us to demonstrate our knowledge and expertise in the industry and actually have to be believable. And we came up with the idea of starting this podcast and that was in 2019 we launched the show and we had 6 to 8 months to get the show going, get it successful. And it was something, we brought on some brilliant people from around the industry.


[00:01:40] And then COVID hit and we, at the destination marketing podcast, had to pivot the content of the show because we wanted to make sure that we were providing content that wasn’t just hey, our agency knows tourism but instead helped destinations navigate the difficult challenges that came along with COVID in 2020. And fortunately, it felt like we were able to really do that, we were able to bring on professionals from all over the industry that understood how to navigate a difficult situation and crisis like COVID and to give ideas and inspiration and suggestions to destinations throughout the world.


And it was really fascinating to learn from all of those guests. It was really rewarding to get some of the emails from some of the destinations that would say, hey, you’ve really helped us understand how to navigate COVID and that was probably the most rewarding part, is some of the messages and those of you that are listening that have sent those messages, you know who you are. I’m not going to embarrass any of you here on the show. But to get those messages, we knew we were doing something valuable. We knew we were doing something good for the industry. And so we wanted to keep going.


[00:03:01] So during COVID we doubled the amount of content that we were producing because we just wanted to make sure that we could get as much out there as possible. And you know, doing this podcast, especially during COVID really helped us to get other opportunities, speaking opportunities. We got a lot of new and great partners like eTourism Summit who has utilized the podcast to promote their event and even partnered with us to create the Travel Vertical Podcast, which we recently launched.


[00:03:35] And along with our new partner eTourism Summit, we’ve got several other shows in the works. As we had opportunities come up and we had people reach out, we realized that this can be more than just one podcast and we started to create the Destination Marketing Podcast Network. That’s where we were able to create podcasts for destinations like Beaufort, South Carolina. We were able to create one for Hola Laredo, the podcast for Laredo, Texas. And we were able to create this new, what we believe is a very innovative product for destinations, a turnkey podcast for destinations to be able to show up, answer questions and leave all the dirty work to our team that’s been working on the Destination Marketing Podcast for years. And that’s proven to be a really unique thing that we had no idea was going to take shape when we launched this show back in 2019.


[00:04:35] We also have a variety of new shows coming out for destinations. We’ve already launched the Influencer Marketing for Destinations Show, with several more to come. And it all stems from us starting the show back in 2019. None of this could happen. None of the success we’ve had on the show could happen without those of you that have joined me on the show, have shared your knowledge and advice, which has been incredibly valuable for our listeners.


Then without you listening to there, we could never have done this without our loyal audience that has continued to follow us as, as we’ve evolved the show and grow in the show. And I just want to thank everybody that’s been involved. It’s a special thing to be able to do something like this consistently for two years. And not a lot of podcasts make it this far because the consistency is difficult to do. But because of those of you that are listening, those of you that have reached out and those of you that have joined me on the show, that’s the reason we’ve been able to make this happen.


[00:05:43] So if there’s anyone out there that’s listening that feels like they have valuable information for destinations to learn from that we could share on the show, I would love to have you as a guest. I respond to everybody that reaches out about the show and I would love to have you on to share your expertise and that’s the way we get through times like we had in 2020 and a lot of us are still experiencing in 2021 is we share and work together and we all push forward to a common goal, which is to bring the industry back to where it was before. But not only that and far beyond using whether its mass efforts to drive tourism or to use sustainable efforts in markets that they’re experiencing over-tourism. If we all share that information, we can do it together.


[00:06:33] So please reach out to me if you’re enjoying the show and would like to be a guest. My email is adam@relicagency.com and we would love to have your destination featured as we continue to grow. We’re going to hit 40,000 listens in the next couple of weeks, which is like I said, more than I ever imagined that we could achieve. And our goal is to continue to create content that you see as valuable so that we can make the show bigger and better and more helpful for those of you that are listening. So thanks everybody who’s been involved in any way, whether as a guest or a listener, we’re going to keep it going. We’re excited to celebrate this milestone and we’ll talk to you next week.


[End of Transcript]