Episode 85

Dealing With Covid in Long Island, NYKristen Jarnagin

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Kristen Jarnagin

In this episode of the Destination Marketing Podcast, Kristen Jarnigan, President & CEO at Discover Long Island, joins us to discuss some of the tactical solutions that her destination has come up with to combat the economic effect of the Covid-19 pandemic. Listen and learn how they have reemphasized the importance of relationships with their stakeholders, and how they have used Bandwango as a tool to help these relationships foster economic growth.

"I think the one thing we should do as destination leaders is throw out the concept that we're tourism leaders. The more we talk about ourselves as tourism entities and we think about everything from a tourism perspective, it limits us. If we pull back the lens and say what does my community need, what do my residents need, and how can my role in bringing in visitors or generating visitation serve that need?" -Kristen Jarnigan on the importance of expanding beyond the tourism industry as a destination marketer