“Arrivalist’s Daily Travel Index for COVID-19”: Matt Clement – Show Notes

  • Name: Adam Stoker
  • Position: Co-founder and CEO of Relic Agency
  • Favorite Destination: Fiji
  • Dream Destination: New Zealand
  • Name: Matt Clement
  • Position: Senior Vice President of Marketing at Arrivalist
  • Favorite Destination: New Mexico
  • Dream Destination: Summer vacation through the backcountry of British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska

“Arrivalist’s Daily Travel Index for COVID-19” – Show Notes and Highlights


Show Highlights

  • Adam Stoker just released his first book titled, “Touchpoints: The Destination Marketer’s Guide to Brand Evaluation and Enhancement.” You can get the book on Amazon for Kindle or in Paperback.

The Daily Travel Index

  • Matt and Arrivalist have published a free resource tool on their website called The Daily Travel Index.
  • The index looks at consumer behavior and travel over 50 miles, otherwise known as drive markets. Arrivalist took the data they have, optimized it and filtered it to look at the drive markets and people that were staying at least two hours in a destination. 
  • This tool provides a narrative about the decline of travel and, hopefully, will provide a leading indicator when it’s finally time to start advertising and deploying recovery campaigns. 
  • In this index, you have three different metrics. 
    • The daily travel index is the first number on the left side. This looks at travel activity relative to the average trip volume in February 2020. Eventually, this will be updated to show data year over year, but for now, they are using February as the pre-COVID-19 baseline. 
    • The day-of-the-week change is showing how today looks versus one week ago on the same day.
    • The week-over-week change looks at the average volume for the past seven days and compares to the previous seven days.
    • They don’t have month-over-month yet, but are working toward it.
  • It’s important to note that this chart is relative to where we’ve been. If the chart says week-over-week change is up 8%, that’s still up from last week’s low numbers.
  • There are two ways to get the most out of the index:
    • Define your drive market. Check all the boxes for each state you consider a drive market.
    • Then, look at distance traveled. This is critical because you want to keep your eyes on drive markets that have to travel 100-300+ miles to get to you.
  • Your day-trippers are going to become some of your best friends.
  • You should also be utilizing all other free resources that are available: the ADARA travel trend tracker, Longwoods weekly sentiment surveys, MMGY, Tourism Economics, Sojern TripAdvisor, CrowdRiff, and the list goes on.

Looking back at the Data

  • It is clear to Matt and his team at Arrivalist, along with anyone who looks at The Daily Travel Index, that it wasn’t the Coronavirus that stopped travel, but the stay-at-home orders, and specifically, one in the big state of California. 
  • Knowing this fact from data, we can use the stay-at-home orders and a trigger for the future in hopes that it will also be a means for travel to rise again. We can watch that, check our hypothesis and see if we are right using The Daily Travel Index.

Three Things to Look at Moving Forward

  • Matt suggests looking at three triggers or things in The Daily Index moving forward. He originally heard this in a webinar by ADARA.
    • 1. A reduction in COVID-19 cases
    • 2. Lifting of stay-at-home orders
    • 3. A return of corporate travel
  • Matt even suggests putting the stay-at-home monitoring first because of what he has found in The Travel Index.

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