“Creative Coronavirus Ideas”: Adam Stoker – Show Notes

  • Name: Adam Stoker
  • Position: Co-founder and CEO of Relic Agency
  • Favorite Destination: Fiji
  • Dream Destination: New Zealand

“Creative Coronavirus Ideas” – Show Notes and Highlights


Show Highlights

  • This coronavirus is not the time to sit and wait for travel to come back. It’s time to be proactive and give attention to creating assets that you’ve had on the back burner for a while. 
  • It all comes down to messaging and design and how you can be innovative and creative. With these things, you’ll be ready when travel heats up again. 


Coronavirus Asset Creation Ideas

  • You can highlight local dining establishments by having the chef and cooks make the famous dishes from their home on a live stream! Then, visitors will want to come and try it after quarantine is over. 
  • Relic’s team has been creating coloring books and activity packets for their clients for at-home activities for parents and kids to keep everyone entertained and learning. 
  • You can send locals to the national parks, the local museums and more and just walk around with a GoPro or camera. Make your own virtual video experience.


Build for the Future

  • Now is the time to create assets that you’ve wanted to make, but haven’t had to the time to.
  • If you make these assets now, you can repurpose them for future use as well. You can make the virtual tour video into an experience that you can use at trade shows and more. 

Now’s the best time to make a brand awareness play. Make sure people know about your destination so when it’s time to travel again, they pick you because of the leadership you’ve shown during this time. 


Resources Mentioned in the Podcast