“How CrowdRiff is Approaching the Coronavirus Situation”: Amrita Gurney – Show Notes

  • Name: Adam Stoker
  • Position: Co-founder and CEO of Relic Agency
  • Favorite Destination: Fiji
  • Dream Destination: New Zealand
  • Name: Amrita Gurney
  • Position: Vice President of Marketing at CrowdRiff
  • Favorite Destination: Morocco
  • Dream Destination: Japan

“How CrowdRiff is Approaching the Coronavirus Situation” – Show Notes and Highlights


About CrowdRiff

  • CrowdRiff is a software company that has worked in the travel and tourism industry for a long time. 
  • Their product is for digital marketers who work for DMOs, CVBs, and other tourism bureaus to help them source, distribute, and publish user-generated content from social media. 
  • These photos can be obtained from social media users or great photographers’ photographs that you’ve licensed. They strive to help destinations tell their visual stories through technology and artificial intelligence. All in order to make smarter decisions.

Amrita’s Creativity with Zoom Calls

  • When she transferred to her quarantine home office and started having Zoom calls with others, she realized that everyone’s offices were clean and not-so-clean. The home office backgrounds were boring. Searching through the Zoom backgrounds, she saw one of Alaska and loved the idea of feeling in and a part of the destination during the calls.
  • Now, she has a backlog of destination backgrounds and she uses a different one for each call. If you would like to send her your background you can tweet it to @amritagurney or you can send her an email to amrita at crowdriff.com.
  • Creating these backgrounds might actually give more traction for destinations because so many people are using the platform right now. 

The Localhood Project

  • The Localhood project was born to meet the needs of both locals and their local businesses. It’s a platform for locals to create and share stories about local businesses and products in their neighborhoods so other locals can find that content and also support the businesses.
  • Think of it as an Instagram story with a lot of rich content attached to it like a link to buy online, order gift certificates, and learn about the store’s hours, etc.
  • This project is building a resource that will be available both now and in the future, both during and after the crisis. 
  • If DMOs want to be a part of this project, there is a specific place at the bottom of the homepage for them to fill out a form, or they can contact Amrita directly on social media or email as mentioned above.

The Big-picture: What Amrita Has Seen

  • Everyone is using this time to reflect on where they can be most helpful and what their role really is. They are turning inward toward their community — toward the Localhood. She believes this is how we are going to come out of this recovery. 
  • People are marketing more to drive markets
  • People are thinking about the most essential things they can be doing as a DMO.
  • As people are getting creative with their new campaigns, they are taking a new look at User-Generated Content (UGC). This concept that only lived on social media before, now is seen as a budget-friendly type of content for their marketing channels.
  • Seeds that were planted are being accelerated by this circumstance and growing and coming to the forefront of the DMOs list. Often, in the past, DMOs have felt a conflict between what’s good for the local community and visitors, but they don’t need to worry.

Make sure to tell the personal stories of your DMO moving forward. Make sure to listen and help people. Be someone that is trustworthy and someone bringing relevant information at this time.

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast