The Destination Marketing Podcast

The Destination Marketing Podcast is the ultimate podcast for all things related to tourism marketing. Powered by Relic, Destination Marketing brings in the wisdom and passion of a wide variety of industry experts. Friendly host Adam Stoker hosts interviews with all kinds of tourism and marketing experts.

What do we cover?

The Destination Marketing Podcast covers tourism marketing topics such as:

  • Marketing Attribution Tool
  • Measuring ROI
  • Unique Challenges of Tourism Marketing
  • Managing Budgets
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Destination Ad Campaigns
  • Newsletter and Email Marketing
  • Branding Your Destination
  • DMO Case Studies
  • Tourism Industry Trends
  • Technology and Software in Tourism Marketing

Our Mission

Our goal is to help people prioritize the activities and strategies that are proven to be most effective in marketing a destination while staying up to date on the latest technologies and trends in the industry. This isn’t a fluff podcast meant only to motivate and make you feel good. We’re diving deep into what us destination marketers do and how we do it!

Listen to the Destination Marketing Podcast for real-world tips and perspectives from people who know the ins and outs of marketing within the tourism industry. Each episode will provide you with actionable insights you can get to working on right away. Marketing and advertising for a destination comes with its own unique challenges and opportunities. Hopefully you can learn from the knowledge and experience of our podcast guests so you can avoid making the same mistakes and instead take advantage of the tools and strategies that bring success.

Each destination is different, but the principles of good tourism marketing can be applied in every county, resort, attraction, or agency. The Destination Marketing Podcast is here to help everyone in the industry learn together and improve our craft!

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Be Featured on the Podcast

Are YOU one of those tourism industry experts with marketing experience to share with our community? We’d love to have you as a guest on the podcast!

We look forward to learning from all types of destination marketing leaders. We’ve had some awesome discussions with marketing directors, CEOs, social media managers, P/R experts, agency leaders, software developers, tourism directors, and more. Everyone has a unique perspective to share with us and our podcast listeners.

If you have professional experience of any kind in the tourism and marketing industries, we want to hear from you. Sign up to be a guest today!

About the Host

Adam Stoker is President/CEO of Relic. He’s been working with destinations for 10 years, consulting with leisure travel, stakeholder engagement, destination branding, and convention/meetings marketing. He has been featured in the Utah Business and Utah Valley Business Magazines’ 40 Under 40 issues. He now speaks on different industry subjects at tourism conferences across the country, most recently including Utah Tourism Conference and the Texas Travel Summit. As one of the up and coming industry thought leaders, Adam’s impact on the industry is just beginning.

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